We do a variety of repairs here, from expert set-ups to a full-on Floyd Rose install with body routing. We install pickups, both acoustic and electric, do complete fret jobs or partial refrets and leveling; shape and install bone nuts, etc...

We also work on ethnic stringed instruments of all sorts, specializing in Greek bouzouki. We can make new frets for your saz, or a new bridge, and we can re-glue those ukulele bridges that never seem to stay put, or re-string an oud, tune a cuatro, or a charango, you get the idea.

We have the fastest turnaround in town on repairs; set-ups are usually same day, no longer than two days, while tremolo installs and fret jobs take around three days!

Below is a partial list of the repairs we perform and a price list. Prices vary, of course, depending on the amount of work your particular instrument might need.


Refrets $200.00-up

Bone nut $45.00 shaped and installed

Floyd Rose install w/locking nut $100.00-up

Set-ups $35.00-up (plus strings)



Partial refrets $60.00-up

Electric guitar pick-up install $25.00-up

Acoustic pick-up install $35.00-up

Re-stringing $15.00-up (plus strings)